Reinforcement Plant

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Within the reinforcement plant there are two completely independent production lines for the production of reinforcement bars capacity 2.000 t per month. Production is used to supply the volume of our own construction sites, as well as to supply a wider market. Following the new technology and relying on years of experience of our employees we are able to follow construction the most complex buildings and comply with all the requirements of customers in a given period.

Machines for cutting and bending allow making rods, bent reinforcement and rebar ligatures standard and non standard sizes, depending on the reinforcement plans or work drawings. Steel rods are processed in diameters from 6 - 55 mm, and the rebar ligatures of 8 - 16 mm.

We offer a set screw extensions for the needs of modern architecture in the construction of large buildings, with the aim of obtaining the desired length, which will meet all of the default length of the structure. The compounds are placed on rod diameter of 12 - 40 mm. The set screw extensions have approval of manufacturers and meet all the required standards.

Warehouse of reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh is within reinforcement plant.