Software Development

INTER S.T.E.E.L. Ltd. follows the trends of excellence began the process of developing their own software that allows to track production and business processes within the company, making the forms and generate statistical databases, based on which a user in real-time collecting data relevant to business.

Characteristics of the program:

  • automatically import data according to working drawings (shape, length and diameter of reinforcing bars)
  • generate specifications armatures with precise representation of geometry and volume of each position in the drawing,
  • drawing and editing of rods and cross-sections, dimensioning and labeling rods
  • generate and display total amount of reinforcement,
  • printing the job cards
  • printing delivery notes and attesting documents
  • records of goods in the warehouse
  • generating databases, and a variety of statistical reports
  • on-line support

The basic objective of the program is: minimize errors, and to facilitate and accelerate the process of creating professional drawings of reinforcement; to network and integrate the entire business and production activities and data in one place, for the purpose of simplicity and availability of relevant information in order to make optimal coordination of the overall business and strategic planning.