About Us

INTER S.T.E.E.L. Ltd. was established in 2006th year. In providing services in the areas of supply, fabrication and installation of reinforcement for reinforced concrete structures is one of the leading companies in Croatia. Range and scope of services and innovative approach to the most complex business challenges, the company occupies a unique position in the market.
The company specializes in the processing of concrete reinforcement and development of finished elements from the structural drawings. The annual production capacity of 24,000 tons of reinforcement provides all needs for reinforcement, with a consistent level of service, regardless of where the project is located.
We offer a unique rounded services: supply, fabrication and installation of reinforcement; processing rebar steel to design and customer request; reinforcement of structural elements.
Quality, integrity and flexibility of approach contributes to the value of the overall performance in the areas of supply, fabrication and installation of reinforcement.
Anticipating challenges and realizing the quality of work processes and operations as the most important factor in competitiveness and success in the market, we set ourselves the goal of continuous improvement. This goal is achieved through continuous improvement of working conditions, safety and education of our employees, qualitative upgrading of production and management processes (ISO), while carefully using all sources, and selecting primarily sustainability.
Culture of cooperation that promotes honesty, superior value for customers, respect for colleagues and the strength of cultural diversity, the staff encourages continuous learning and provides new business challenges and opportunities for career development. INTER S.T.E.E.L. is dedicated to strengthening corporate responsibility, building public trust, and positive impact on the community in which it operates.

Commitment and customer satisfaction, the final product quality, delivery on time and above all integrity and transparency in communication are at the center of the INTER STEEL's business strategy. With great knowledge of the construction industry, as a responsible company, we understand the importance of quality and timely reinforcement services.
We have provided reinforcing steel for many of the largest Croatian construction projects, while working with large construction companies. In each of them, we provided high-quality and detailed preparation and service, regardless of the size or layout requirements. For you, this means that you have a trusted partner with the experience you need in today's demanding construction environment.
Multidimensional perception and culture of collaboration allow us to find comprehensive solutions to our customers. We are convinced that this is what sets INTER STEEL stands apart from its competitors.
The corporate headquarters is located in Dicmo (near Split), at Sičane 14/A on the surface of 5,000 square meters.